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If you are looking for a warm acrylic blanket, look no further. Our online store brings the luxury of many different varieties of blankets all in one easy location. The blankets that are featured in our store come in many different sizes, colors, uses, and price ranges that leaves each of our customer comfortable and satisfied.

Many customers use our online store to find blankets with unique designs. There is a blanket that matches the hobbies of anyone including sports fans, animal lovers, and more. There are many throw blankets that showcase a variety of sports teams including Alabama Crimson Tide, Titans, Longhorns, Steelers, Notre Dame, and more! The blankets feature both college and professional sports that can be suited for any fan. This makes for a wonderful gift, both for you or for someone else. In addition, there are blankets that are designed for animal loves including cats, dogs, tigers, Alaskan wildlife, eagles, as well as many other varieties of animals. Other blankets that feature hobbies or affiliations include the military affiliations, mystical creatures and beings, Elvis, and many other interests. All the products of this store are unique featuring blankets that match a wide range of interests that you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition, many of the blankets featured in our online store offer extra warmth through electric heating. These blankets are stylish and offer a digital control so you can effectively control the warmth and comfort of your special blanket. They also come in a variety of sizes ranging from a small throw to a king size. Each blanket is affordable and offers a better deal than you would find at most conventional stores. The price is designed to meet your budget while still maintaining the highest quality on the market.

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Care, Advantages and Disadvantages Of An Acrylic Blanket

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Acrylic blankets are great and they are also very popular. But what’s their story?

Acrylic fabric is an artificial textile fiber. It’s made from petroleum products and it was first developed by the DuPont Company in 1950. This fabric is durable and requires low maintenance. It resists chemical oils spills and oils, moth attack and also degradation by sunlight. The material is used in blankets, rugs, yarn, clothing, upholstery and even outdoor furniture.

Acrylic Blanket Features And Advantages

  • a cottonlike texture
  • moisture is wicked away fast from the skin
  • retains its color very well
  • resists wrinkling
  • retains its shape
  • is easy to wash
  • requires little maintenance



Acrylic blankets can be maintained very easily by washing them in warm water on the gentle cycle, but also by hand. You also have to use fabric softener because this fabric generates static electricity. Keep in mind to dry machine at a low temperature setting. Then, remove garments when the tumble cycle is completed.


Don’t dry acrylic blankets at a high setting.

Don’t use a hot iron on an acrylic blanket because higher heat levels, even moderate can burn or melt such a material.



Although acrylic blankets are practical and useful, they have though a few advantages:

  • poor insulation 
  • they can melt in contact with a hot iron, a heating element or a cigarette


Nonetheless, acrylic blankets are more resistant even in conditions that would fade other fabrics, so they are very practical. Acrylic blankets are soft, come in a wide variety of colours, so if you hadn’t such a blanket before, get one.

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Acrylic Blankets Turn Your Bedroom Into A Wonderful Escape

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Your home has to be a nice and friendly place, but for that, you have to decorate it with various things. In your bedroom, the atmosphere has to be calm, cozy and relaxing, but by using acrylic blankets, you can decorate your room in an appealing and effective manner that will refresh your mind and free you from worries.

On the Internet, but also in traditional stores, you will find a wide variety of acrylic blankets that will catch your eyes and due to them, your bedroom will become a wonderful place where you will want to stay more than ever.


There is a wide variety, so you choose from many styles and colors. For example, you can purchase vivid acrylic blankets that project charm and beauty into your bedroom and that are expertly woven with a contemporary and wonderful color palette and classic cellular design.

Or, you can opt for 100% acrylic blankets which are knitted and are great for your bed, but also for picnic, sofa and travelling.

An acrylic thermal blanket is made from recycled acrylic and is also perfect for your bedroom as it will keep you warm during those cold days and nights.


For decorating your bedroom in a more artistic way, you should choose a tapestry acrylic blanket that is made using 4800 pin electronic halter artworking big jacquard woven technique. There are many vivid colors and wonderful patterns, so you will surely find a blanket that matches your bedroom design.

If you are a young at heart person or you need a blanket to decorate your baby’s room, then a hooded cartoon wool acrylic blanket is perfect. Such a blanket is made from an environmental material, is very soft, great for sleeping and its pattern is wonderful. This type of blanket can also be used for picnic, hospital, bath, hotel or travel.


A practical choice is also a plaid acrylic blanket, featuring brushed acrylic for more softness. This model adds style to your bedroom, its plaid is very attractive and such a blanket is ideal all year long.

Acrylic blankets come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles, so you have many ways to turn your bedroom into a stylish escape very easily and without spending a lot of money.

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The Acrylic Blanket is Great for Everyone

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There are a lot of blankets made out of all kinds of fibers. Each has its advantages, whether it be warmth, softness, wear or model. For example, cotton alone does not have much warmth or softness, but it washes really well. Some of the acrylic blanket models can be washed in the washing machine, while other models are dry cleaned. Acrylic blanket is very soft, warm, launders and wears well. The acrylic blanket is the best solution you could choose, since it has all the necessary qualities to keep you warm in wintertime and cool in summertime. Aside from being comfortable and lightweight, the best aspect of the acrylic blanket is that you do not perspire underneath it, unlike other synthetic blankets.

Moreover, there are many models, colors and patterns of acrylic blanket you can choose from in order to match your room design. Not only is the acrylic great for pulling it over you while you watch TV, but also for babies. An acrylic blanket has got almost the same properties as a cotton blanket, the sole difference between them is the affordable price of the acrylic blanket. The acrylic blanket is great for everyone, since it comes in such a big array of models suited for every taste and need. You can buy an acrylic blanket for children, with Superman, Batman or Barbie designs, or any other characters they like.

There are even models of acrylic blanket that can are used as covers for the beds. You will not only benefit from a very warm blanket, but also from a very fashionable one that will cover your bed. An acrylic blanket can be easily cleaned and carried around, since it is so lightweight. An acrylic blanket is a great asset when you go on a camping trip and you need something to keep you warm overnight. The acrylic blanket is a very versatile blanket, holds its shape very well, it is stain resistant and does not wrinkle so easily. An acrylic blanket is the perfect item for all the occasions when you want to cosily sit in the armchair, or on the couch in front of the TV.

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Confide In The Acrylic Thermal Blanket

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Acrylic thermal blanket is one of the best types due to its materials along with other features that make it extremely appropriate for any time you need it. An acrylic thermal blanket has all the characteristics that make from it nice to have, easy to wash and you can take it anywhere as it is very light. The acrylic thermal blanket will keep you warm and it is great in case you have circulation problems or you go on a trip where it is a very cold weather or you already have cached a cold.

More, you can find a lot of colors and it is great to buy acrylic thermal blanket even for the babies as it is safe, made from great materials and nice to feel. It is a great idea to buy acrylic thermal blanket as it can be machine washed and it can be easily and fast dried. An acrylic thermal blanket is made from fibers that make it so special and comfortable to have as acrylonitrile, for example. An acrylic thermal blanket feels just like one made from cotton, but its price it is much more affordable, so your budget will not be affected if you buy acrylic thermal blanket.

Buy acrylic thermal blanket and your whole family will enjoy the soft touch of a warm and affordable blanket. More, there are so many models of acrylic thermal blanket, appropriate for kids, adults or any other designs that match your taste or your favorite filed you are interested in. Acrylic thermal blanket is perfect for anyone and you can take it anywhere as it is so light and easy to carry. Buy any shape, size of the acrylic thermal blanket and you will see that you will become to depend on it, especially your kids. Do not worry, the prices of an acrylic thermal blanket will let you buy other things, too, so you can really afford them. Confide in the financial and physical comfort that acrylic thermal blanket offers to you!

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Black Dragon Acrylic Blanket Will Make Your Home Fashionable

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At home we are all looking for comfort, but of course we also want to make out of our rooms or houses a place that we can relax in and enjoy our stay. Still, when we have the opportunity, we like to purchase products that are high quality, best looking and also fashionable at the same time. Too much to ask? Not really as we are actually looking for what is best for our home. The Black Dragon Queen Size Blanket is such a product, as it has it all. The beautiful acrylic blanket can reflect your personalty and can be adapted to your tastes, being fashionable and trendy at the same time. The Black Dragon Queen Size Blanket is the best option out there. Acrylic blankets are always a good choice and the Black Dragon Queen Size Blanket makes no exception.

High comfort and a fashionable product at the same time? Yes, it surely seems that this is what you will get with this Black Dragon Queen Size Blanket. The choice is great for an acrylic blanket and there are many advantages you will receive out of a product of this kind. And the best thing about the acrylic blanket is that it is really easy to clean and dry, being comfy and smooth. But, such an acrylic blanket, despite the fact that it can be used in the comfort of your home, to improve it, is also the best decision you can make for a gift. If you have no idea what to offer someone on his or her birthday, the Black Dragon Queen Size Blanket is the best choice you can make.

The Black Dragon Queen Size Blanket is very soft and you will love it. The quality is the best one you can find on market and the product is also very affordable. So, this item means both a low price and the best product available on market. I was very pleased with this acrylic blanket and there is no way you will feel differently about it.

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Stay warm this winter with an Acrylic Blanket

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Staying warm during the colder months is a necessity if you want to keep your health and avoid the colds and flu. The use of an acrylic blanket is one that is something you can be sure to hold in the warmth to your body as the blanket will hold in your own body warmth making you stay warm. There are many different designs of acrylic blankets, which you can find here on this site by visiting the online store at the top of the page.

China has become a new large supplier of the mass produced acrylic blanket however you will find that buying locally even if this means paying a little extra really makes the difference not only in quality but also in durability. The best part about buying an acrylic blanket is that you can buy many different designs, which can suit your rooms. There are designs for the kids such as the Muppets or Winnie the Pooh as well designs for teenagers like racing cars, animals and sport teams logos.

Purchasing an acrylic blanket is something that you should seriously consider since they are one of the best sources of keeping you body warm using an artificial product. Softness is another one of the fine qualities that this form of blanket possess that makes it nice to have directly on you skin. Try one of these blankets before winter sets in and you will see the quality that keep people buying them year after year.

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Thermal Acrylic Blanket

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Acrylic is a type of synthetic weave manufactured from fibers of acrylonitrile, a petrochemical by-product. Though the name and description don’t exactly sound warm and inviting, the fiber itself is soft to the touch and has been compared to wool—without the cost and difficulty of upkeep. The surface is somewhat uneven for a natural look and feel. The blankets are usually trimmed with satin. Because acrylic is easy to dye, thermal acrylic blankets come in a wide variety of colors and often feature beautiful pictures.  

These blankets also come in a variety of sizes. Thermal acrylic blankets are perfect for babies (see the Baby Morgan brand) as well as adults.

Other positives about the thermal acrylic blanket? They are reasonably priced. A set of six Foundations ThermaLux Waffle-Weave Acrylic Crib Blankets will only set you back about $80.00—or about $14.00 per blanket. An Ultra Heavy Acrylic Blanket for adults costs about $36.00 and the JC Penney Home Collection Acrylic Thermal Blanket sells for $24.99. By comparison, an organic wool queen-sized blanket costs about $120.00.

Thermal acrylic blankets are also easy to care for, as they can be machine washed and dried. They are durable and do not show much wear and tear. For this reason, they make a good choice as “security blankets” for little ones.

Thermal acrylic blankets are perfect for the adult or the baby in your family who likes to snuggle up in a warm blanket to go to sleep at night. They also make fabulous holiday presents.

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Acrylic Blankets with Satin Binding

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An acrylic blanket is a great piece to add to any home. It is perfect for decoration, comfort, and style. Many people use acrylic blankets both for adults and babies and it is the perfect long-lasting blanket. Adding satin binding to an acrylic blanket is a great way to add style and flair. It gives the blanket a finished look and adds to the overall feel. This allows the blanket to duel in functionality as well as style.

The benefit of the acrylic material is endless. The fibers in this blanket are resistant to oils, months, fungus, and aging. This means that the blanket will maintain its great appearance over the years and will not need to be replaced. In addition, it is resistant to stains which can come in handy when used for small children or babies. In addition, acrylic blankets are resistant to UV rays meaning that they will not fade over time. Finally, acrylic blankets maintain their shape. This means after repeated use or even washings, the blanket will maintain the shape and comfot, providing comfort for many years to come.

When purchasing a blanket, an acrylic blanket it the best kind to consider. For a neat and clean look, be sure to get one that has satin binding. This will add to the look and be a perfect complement to any room in any home.

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Acrylic Blankets

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Choosing an acrylic blanket out of the literally thousands of options is very difficult, especially when you need to choose one as a gift. They come in various designs that are sure to please anyone once you choose out a specific design. There are several choices between patterns and designs which incorporate traditional blanket styles or graphics which can easily be put into the design. Popular options for children will have cartoon characters and several designs which are child friendly such as puppies, kittens and other pleasant images. The big thing with these options is that children will keep them well into their adulthood because they will last very long.

Adults can enjoy special prints which are more adult oriented depicting sports, logos and other designs. This can include popular music idols, alcoholic beverage logos, eagles and other animals of strength and more. Common designs have leopard patterns as well as cheetah skin patterns which women tend to enjoy. Different thicknesses of the acrylic blankets also provide extra soft comfort when chosen. They are usually very useful because they are easily machine-washable and dry quickly due to their non-organic composition.

The most popular styles are often those which are designed for children. Even older generations enjoy cartoon characters and have been connected with some of the popular cartoons since they were children. These designs can easily go with memorabilia collections as well as accent a home as a tapestry if the design is very intricate. Acrylic blankets are ideal because they offer the warmth that a thick comforter would without the heaviness of the material. Acrylic blankets also distribute moisture very quickly so if moisture is left on it, it will be less likely to grow mildew and other allergens within its closely packed fibers.

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